December 08, 2023

About Us

True coffee lovers agree there is nothing more gratifying than a truly pleasurable coffee experience that arouses all the senses:

The sound of grinding beans and frothing milk;

The aroma of fresh coffee beans;

The visual artistry of the ‘free-pour’;

The moment your lips feel the warmth of that very first warm sip;

And the taste, ahhhh, the delectable taste…

Here at the, we believe it’s a small world, good coffee should be a global experience and life’s too short not to enjoy great coffee! Our goal is to assist people all over the world to find that elusive perfect cuppa experience!

Our rating system is quite self explanatory and readers should read the reviewer’s comments as a narrative for each rating:/

coffee-bean icon= Good to Great coffee/experience

coffee-bean icon coffee-bean icon= Great to Excellent coffee/experience

coffee-bean iconcoffee-bean iconcoffee-bean icon= Exceptional coffee/experience

So, whether you are travelling abroad and an active traveler who desires a quick coffee on the go, or whether you want to enjoy a good cuppa in your own home town ‘Sit sip and savor’ style, we welcome you to and wish you a wonderful coffee journey through the pages of our website.


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