May 31, 2023


CarlucciosSt. Christopher’s Place,
3 / 5 Barrett Street, London, W1U 1AY

With posters of Venice hanging from the ceiling, shelves stocked with specialty pasta and Italian products that would make any foodie salivate, Carluccio’s proffers patrons a little bit of Italy in the heart of London.  Carluccio’s is located in St Christopher’s Place, a sliver’s entrance from Oxford Street (blink and you’ll miss it), this enchanting mini piazza (well known to the locals) is a lovely and quiet distraction from the fast paced Oxford Street.

Upon reading these words in their menu: “The details of our coffee blends are a secret, although we can tell you both are roasted in Italy.  Our Napoli blend is rich with a good kick of Robusta while Milano is smoother and based on Arabica”, and having an Italian barista who spoke minimal English behind the Gaggia coffee machine, I would have been greatly disenchanted if Carluccio’s did not make a genuinely good Caffe Latte.  Happily, I was not disappointed.

The Caffe Latte I ordered was served in a coffee glass, hot, a lovely tan colour with just the right amount of creme and froth (a little over 1 cm high and level to the rim).  Our waiter informed me it was their Milano blend and it was, indeed, smooth and refined.  My coffee was promptly served.

Carluccio's coffee

An excellent coffee.

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