February 09, 2023

Ora Specialty Coffee

A: 156 Pakington Street, Kew, 3101 | E: oraspecialtycoffee@gmail.com | T: 9855 2002

Twitter: ORA_cafe

Ora Specialty Coffee, Kew, Australia

Ora Specialty Coffee, Kew, Australia

Firstly, we congratulate the owners John Vroom and Stephanie Manolas, a pair of hard working millennials, for having the vision and dedication to open up a café amidst the mini strip of shops in the quiet residential area of Kew (known to locals as ‘Willsmere Village’).

John & Leon, Ora Specialty Coffee, extraordinaire baristas!

John & Leon, Ora Specialty Coffee,  baristas extraordinaire!

John's specialty siphon coffee - fabulous!

John’s specialty siphon coffee – fabulous!

Secondly, we congratulate them on serving outstanding – exceptional! – ‘everyday’ coffee (lattes, capps, flat whites, long blacks, etc) and specialty coffee.  Ora’s interior may be on the smaller and cosier side in size, but when it comes to coffee, Ora’s big on service, delivery, product knowledge and appreciation.  For coffee ‘snobs’ and elitists, this café is for you!  The specialty coffee is superb, be it their aero press, French press, pour over, filter, siphon (especially their siphon coffee – John was runner up in the 2011 Australian Syphon Championships) or a cold drip on a hot summer’s day.

The art of the free pour - Leon's 'swan' design

The art of the free pour – Leon’s ‘swan’ design

The science of exceptional specialty coffee!

The science of exceptional specialty coffee!

Ora offers its patrons an ever changing variety of carefully chosen coffee beans and roasts to enjoy.  The coffee beans hail from John’s old haunt Proud Mary (where he worked prior to opening up this venture) and vary day to day/week to week, depending on what’s available and to keep it fresh and interesting for their customers.  (We love this!  It’s not the usual one type of coffee bean and only one type being used, so it’s a constant changing coffee experience).  But while the coffee beans and roasts may vary, Ora’s consistency and passion in delivering exceptional coffee does not.

Coffee art - John's 'zipper' design

Coffee art – John’s ‘zipper’ design

The ambience is usually a buzz with a hip crowd of all ages from all over (not just the locals who are loving this coffee insertion).  Ora caters for a gathering of groups of family or friends and for others who seek some time out on their own to ‘Sit Sip and Savour’ over a newspaper (the ‘bar’ across the front window is ideal for this).  Packed on weekends, you’ll find Ora easily – it’s the shop that usually has a line of people out the front ordering takeaway coffees (yes, their coffee is that good people even drive there for a takeaway!) or, in sunnier times, sitting out the front enjoying the sun, the good food (the menu is delicious!) and, of course, a phenomenal cuppa.

 Exceptional coffee.  (* Highly recommend their siphon coffee).  A must for coffee lovers.

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